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Custom Massage-

We customize each massage to you. We offer a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Neuromuscular Massage techniques to help relieve sore, tired muscles from everyday life. 


$45 ~ 30 min    

$80 ~ 60 min      

$110 ~ 90 min


Prenatal massage shares many of the goals of regular massage ­– to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good. But it's also tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, and therapists who are trained in prenatal massage adjust their techniques accordingly.   

 *** Must be past first trimester***

$45 ~ 30 min      

$80 ~ 60 min      

Couples Massage-

What a perfect way to enjoy a massage then with the favorite person in your life. You will be side by side in the couples room as you both receive Custom Massages. 

$160 ~ 60 min     

$220 ~ 90 min


Hot Stone Massage- 

A stone massage uses water-heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body. Stones coated in oil can also be used by the therapist delivering various massaging strokes. The hot stones used are commonly Basalt stones (or lava rocks) which over time have become extremely polished and smooth. As the stones are placed along the recipient's back and body, they help to retain heat which then deeply penetrates into the muscles, releasing tension.

 $90 ~ 60 min    

$110 ~ 80 min



Reflexology is an alternative medicine method based on the theory that specific areas of the feet correspond to areas of the body - including major organs - and that through the gentle massage and manipulation of these points, relief can be brought to a variety of acute and chronic conditions throughout the body.  

$40 ~ 30 min     

$70 ~ 60 min